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Is the avocado bathroom making a come back?

11th Jun 2019

I remember back in 1988 buying a new bathroom in a colour known as wild sage. White suites just didn't seem to feature back then. Other colours like champagne were all the rage and so were gold taps. Seems like another era doesn't it? I read in a newspaper article last week about the return of bold colour suites. Are we to believe that finally, after all this time, white is on the way out? I'm not so sure. It's longevity is plain to see and adding a splash of colour into a white bathroom is easy and you can change the secondary colour in ten minutes. That's white bathroom flexibility! However, lets not stay too loyal to the die hard white suite and ignore this growing trend as a fad. There's a huge annual international bathroom trade fair, ISH in Frankfurt and pastel and bold colours were featured everywhere. Many high end UK bath shops are now selling candy pink and electric blue suites over the standard white choice, so something is happening and change does seem on the way. 
If someone asked my advice about fitting a bold colour suite in their house, unless they really really want one, I would for now stick to white and add colour and flair in other ways. I'm not sure the average UK house buyer is ready for avocado or indeed sunny yellow suites just yet. Chances are they'll want to rip it all out and discount their offer accordingly.  
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