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Is it time to ditch open plan for broken plan?

02nd Sep 2019

The open plan kitchen breakfast room has been with us for a few decades. Commonly back in the Eighties knocking down walls between rooms to create an open space was regarded as essential for the growing modern family. 
Is it now the case that more and more of us are keen to reintroduce a greater sense of privacy and cosiness?
The problem comes when one big, sometimes oversized kitchen doesn't work when some family members want to watch TV while others want to engage with their laptops and others just want to a bit of peace and quiet. 
The 'broken plan' layout helps break up a space and provides a structure to an otherwise large rectangular room. The result if you get the broken plan layout right is a more cosy area to relax and more privacy. So how do you achieve this? Partitions in a room by high backed sofas and chairs, statement furniture, cupboard units, a bookcase or half  height wall allowing space to be both free flowing and divided. Using different colours for different areas in your room can also have a dramatic effect. 
Some of Britain's biggest house builders are taking this on with the introduction of new layouts and seeing great results. Crest Nicholson director of sales Marcus Evans confirmed ' we have started installing partial walls in homes across many of our developments, allowing buyers to adapt the floor plan to suit their life style. Our sales of broken plan homes have significantly increased' 

So there you have it - Before you knock your walls down or build that big kitchen on the back of your home, ask yourself is it really practical? Does it really work with your lifestyle and unless you have other rooms to go to for that bit of peace maybe its time to think broken plan rather that open plan. Article inspired by Mary Wilson. 

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