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Are bungalows in short supply and losing favour?

17th Apr 2018

Although it's been recognised for a long time that the UK has an ageing population, it seems that we're now facing a specific housing shortage that hasn't been addressed.

Over the past 30 years, the number of bungalows built each year has steadily dropped, reaching a figure of just 2,210 in 2016. Given the UK's growing number of elderly citizens and the increase in longevity, this decline in traditional pensioner-friendly accommodation could pose serious problems for the future development of the housing market. 

The rationale behind this move seems to be that house builders would much prefer to build blocks of flats for the elderly rather than construct single-storey properties with gardens. If this trend continues, then new bungalows could soon be a thing of the past.

In around three-quarters of our major towns and cities, bungalows now account for less than 10% of all houses on the market. In Greater London, fewer than 1% of all homes listed for sale are bungalows.

However, local estate agent Peter Scott from Peter Scott Estate Agents commented - In Chalfont St Peter and Chalfont St Giles we are quite fortunate with our supply of bungalows. Many developments in the 1960s were built with bungalows in mind with roads like Wheatley Way, Tripps Hill Close, The Lagger, Parsonage Road and Peterhill Close mean the area has a higher than average supply.

Many would argue that we need more bungalows, not fewer. Purpose-built bungalows allow older owners to move into smaller, easier to maintain units, which in turn frees up large homes to meet the housing market needs of growing families. A continuing lack of suitable properties could force many older people into care earlier than they would have wished.

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