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80% probability of selling your property with Peter Scott Estate Agents compared to only 25% elsewhere.

24th Nov 2018

Valuing a property sounds straight forward doesn't it? However it depends on the estate agents business plan and strategy - many estate agents employ staff whose function is to list as many properties as possible and hit a monthly target. In this scenario you don't always receive realistic and objective advice resulting in the estate agents over optimistic pricing for the sole purpose of getting you on their books. Your expectations are raised only to be dashed later when the estate agent picks up the phone asking you to reduce your price - sometimes two or three times in the life of a sole agency contract! 

My advice is to look at the proportion of an estate agents available stock in contrast to the number of houses they have under offer. The percentage ratio of sales versus available listings for estate agents operating in the SL9 postcode area ranges hugely - as low as 14% to 23% for some to as high as 80%. (as at 21/11/2018 - data from Rightmove website, excluding new homes). Three guesses who's at 80% - we are proud to be that estate agent. In effect, the probability of Peter Scott Estate Agents selling your property is at 4 out of 5 - elsewhere its as low as 1 out of 5. 

The days of stock piling houses for sale hoping the market and prices finally catch up are long gone. Do you feel your property is receiving the individual attention it deserves? 

We have been selling houses in The Chalfonts and Gerrards Cross areas for several decades. You can rely on our advice and service which is endorsed by our Google reviews from satisfied buyers and clients. 

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